Two Story in-plant lunch and breakrooms allow maximum use of floor space. Stairs meet IBC, OSHA, BOCA and UBC Codes.  Smart Space utilizes both structural beam or joist.

This structure was built as an alternative to a conventional building expansion.

Included in this project is a structural steel stair case, structural steel top landing,  3-rail handrail, catwalk system to access each room, modular office building, with a free standing structural mezzanine design.

  • Provides excellent supervisory views
  • Designs for a wide range of sound control
  • Fire retardant designs up to one-hour ratings are available
  • All systems are insulated for energy efficiency
  • Faster, easier and more convenient than conventional construction
  • Professional Installations Nationwide
  • Take advantage of the cost savings of building up rather than out.


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