Smart Space Mezzanines does metal fabrication for the parcel service industry. Attached is a photo showing conveyor supports, ships ladders, jam break platforms, maintenance work platforms and safety gates. The other photo is a parts storage mezzanine for an automotive service center.


Loading-off -Main-Belt4 SSC-IBC-2



Aerial Delivery Pallet Handling System
Conveyor System with Mezzanine – Charleston Air Force Base

air-force-baseA custom designed SmartSpace mezzanine was an integral part of a recent project for the US Air Force at their Charleston, SC base. The project included conveyors and reciprocating lifts as well as the mezzanine, to move aerial pallets (pallets with parachutes) through the build up process at floor level, and deliver them at the elevation of mechanical plane loaders. The mezzanine included a bar grating deck for mounting the conveyors, and three stairways with platforms. Smock Material Handling Company was the integrator of the system, and chose SmartSpace based on quality and cost criteria. The SmartSpace mezzanine, and the entire project received enthusiastic approval from the Air Force.