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Smart Space manufactures structural steel industrial mezzanines, equipment platforms, industrial safety railings, ladders and stairs. We are experts in custom metal fabrication and finishing. Our mezzanine manufacturing plant is located in Toledo, Ohio.


Need to increase your storage or manufacturing capacity & just don’t have the floor space? Our custom-built industrial mezzanines are your solution. Modular, functional and flexible.

manufactured-metal-stairs.pngINDUSTRIAL STAIRCASES & LADDERS

Our industrial staircases and ladders are engineered for personal safety and reliability. Our galvanized steel construction assures you of durability and reliability during demanding conditions.


Secure your business, employees, pedestrians securely with a tailor-made industrial security gate system. Our gates are designed for durability and dependability.


In today’s business world factory consolidation is very common.  Taking advantage of vertical space is becoming more common than ever.  Smart Space Mezzanines and Structures would like to work with you to put additional levels of space to work for you.  This valuable vertical space can be utilized for storage, offices, equipment, break rooms and many other uses. Smart Space builds structural steel mezzanines to meet your needs. Smart Space Mezzanines are designed to meet federal, state and local codes.

Quality: Durable and reliable construction.
Smart Space Mezzanines is a manufacturer of steel staircases. We build our steel stair to meet IBC, OSHA, BOCA, UBC and ADA codes. Our standard treads are bar grating, diamond plate, grip strut, smooth plate, concrete pan, and expanded metal. We build our handrail system to meet industrial or public access use. Our handrail design is virtually unlimited from schedule 40 pipe, square tubing, 4” spindle centers to structural glass railing. Feel free to contact us at for your next staircase.
Industrial Mezzanines: We're experienced and skilled.
Smart Space Industrial Mezzanines is a manufacturer of structural steel mezzanines. We build our mezzanines to meet IBC, OSHA, BOCA, UBC and ADA codes. Common applications for a mezzanine included: Parts Storage Mezzanines, Two Story Office Mezzanines, Vision Tower Mezzanines, Equipment Support Mezzanines, Production Mezzanines, Lunch Room and Breakroom Mezzanines, Catwalks, Elevated Work Platforms, Maintenance Mezzanines and Control Room Mezzanines. Our typical decking is concrete pan, ResinDek, Bar Grating, Plywood, and B-deck. If you are needing industrial mezzanines feel free to contact us at to discuss your project.
Efficiency: Fast custom metal fabrication and finishing.
Smart Space Mezzanines is a manufacturer of structural steel Cross Overs. We build our cross overs to meet IBC and OSHA codes. Common applications for a cross over included: Conveyor Cross Overs, Valve Access Platforms, Catwalks, Elevated Work Platforms, Control Access Cross Overs. Feel free to contact us at for your next cross over.