Structural Steel Staircases

Structural Steel Staircases

Staircases & Ladders

Smart Space builds heavy duty structural stairs to meet IBC, OSHA, BOCA and UBC Codes.

Smart Space builds heavy duty structural stairs.  The unit pictured is a fully welded stairs built to meet IBC 2012 industrial use.  The stair treads shown are diamond plate closed treads and closed risers.  The stringer is a structural steel channel and the railing is schedule 40 pipe.  This customer requested two custom colors to be used along with our standard safety yellow handrail.

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Features & Benefits of Smart Space Structural Steel Staircases

    • OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration

    • BOCA: Building Officials and Code Administrators

    • UBC: Uniform Building Code

    • IBC: International Building Code

    • CNBC: Canadian National Building Code

* We can supply you with a staircase to meet your code

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