Loading Dock Ramps

Loading Dock Ramps

There are many applications for ramps. The two most common uses are access to a building from ground level and load/unload trucks from the ground.

Quickly load and unload trucks, trailers and rail cars from ground level when no freight dock exists. Increase productivity while reducing material handling costs. Great for construction sites. A manual two-speed hand crank for easy one person height adjustment.

A ramp can be used as a stationary ramp as well. There are numerous advantages of using a steel ramp vs. a concrete ramp.  For example:  the cost of a steel ramp is less than half the cost of a concrete ramp. The installation time is one day vs. several weeks of a concrete ramp.  The steel ramp is also more flexible; it can be removed, the concrete ramp cannot.

There are many options to be added to ramps: pneumatic tires, tow bar hitch, guard rail, handrail, dock levelers can be added to the ends.

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