Plan Smart: How the Right Loading Dock Design Contributes to an Effective Manufacturing Plant

You can ensure the smooth operation of your plant, warehouse or loading and storage area by coming up with the right loading dock design. Your loading dock is a departure and arrival point for shipments. For example, vendors may bring goods to your building via truck or van. It helps to think of your loading dock as a staging area. It should function properly with the other features of your structure, such as managerial offices and work areas. You’ll also need to [...]

OSHA Stairs vs. IBC Stairs

OSHA Stairs vs. IBC Stairs: What Are the Differences in Safety Codes?

Emergency rooms in the United States treat almost 3 million fall-related injuries every year. According to the National Council on Aging, the cost of fall injuries tops $50 billion annually. Many falls take place on the job or in public places, saddling employers and commercial enterprises with the associated costs. It is possible to protect your business or organization from these expenses. The right set of IBC or OSHA stairs can save you millions. Read on to learn how. What kind of [...]

Industrial warehouse

Thinking Vertically: How To Make The Most of Your Industrial Warehouse Space

Did you know that almost 40% of companies don’t track their inventory items? This means that their warehouses can be full of unused products, taking up space and making the company lose a lot of money in the long run. Ideally, you wouldn’t make the same mistake, whether you have a commercial or industrial warehouse. Organizing the space inside your warehouse and using high-quality tools such as loading dock ramps and forklifts will only make life easier for you when [...]

Commercial gates

Choosing the Right Commercial Gates for Your Facility

Need to keep your facility secure? Getting recommendations for commercial gates is one of the first questions many storage operators ask. Getting the correct gate can be daunting, and having access control that is sufficient for your needs is also very important to the security and safety of your building. So, where do you start? To answer this question, we will go through what to think about when looking at gate access — from beginning to end. Different Kinds Of Automated Commercial Gates Out [...]


Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division

Smart Space Mezzanine – Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division. Keihin, an automotive systems management company reached out to Smart Space Mezzanine with concern for growing more space in their Capac, Michigan facility. When companies run out of ground floor space, they get smart and move their business upwards. The versatility and ease of mezzanines are great ways to provide your company with more room to grow. Keihin’s required a 60’ x 90’ mezzanine to help with their space issues. Smart Space [...]


2012 International Building Code IBC

A new project built to 2012 International Building Code   IBC Section 1009 Stairways 1009.4 Width.  The width of stairways shall be determined as specified in section 1005.1, but such width shall not be less than 44 inches (1118mm). see section 1007.3 for accessible means of egress stairways. Exceptions:  Stairways serving an occupant load of less than 50 shall have a width of not less than 36 inches (914 mm).  Solid risers are not required for stairways that are not required to comply with section [...]


Clear Span Structural Steel Mezzanine

Tiger Material Handling, Inc. recently purchased a clear span structural steel mezzanine from Smart Space Mezzanine. The 25’ clear span was achieved by using bar joists and structural I-beams. Due to the heavy loads foundations were necessary. Service Spring elected to go with hidden base plates. The concrete footer is set 6” below the finished floor. The baseplates were anchored below grade and poured over. The benefit to this design is eliminating trip hazards. The structural steel stairs have diamond plate [...]


IBC – Custom Stairs with Landings

Smart Space Mezzanines and Structures recently built two custom stairs with landings. The code used was IBC 2012. The stairs were constructed C10 x 15.3 for the stringers, 1-1/2” schedule 40 pipe handrail, HSS3x3x1/4” support legs, 3/16” x 1-1/2” serrated bar grating treads and deck. UPS contracted Smart Space at the following locations: Project Sales Agent: Industrial Products, Ltd 180 Bilmar Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15205 Subcontractor: Andrew J. Uhrik Plumbline Construction, Inc. 1102 Baltimore Pike, Suite 205 Glen Mills, Pa 19342 Construction Manager: Nicholas Tizol Construction Management Associate Integrated Project Services – IPS 721 Arbor Way [...]


UPS Ramp Project

We were contacted by UPS. Their buildings had no safe and efficient way for ground access. Smart Space Mezzanines and Structures designed heavy duty steel ramps. The ramps allow fork trucks, carts and other equipment to get from the building floor to the ground floor; a 50” elevation change. UPS contracted Smart Space at the following locations: UPS 3083 Charleston Hwy West Columbia, SC. 29172 UPS 4150 Azalea Drive Charleston, SC. 29405 UPS 250 Belle Hill Road Elkton, MD. 21921 The alternative to the Smart Space ramp was to install [...]


IBC – Public Access Handrail System

Smart Space Mezzanines and Structures recently upgraded a local church’s stair handrail system.  As you can see from the original photo the rail isn’t high enough and doesn’t appear that it could withstand a 200lb concentrated load. The stairs and landings rail was replaced with what you see in the three new photos.  This rail was built to the most recent code, International Building Code (IBC) 2012; a few points in the code are: • Pickets and intermediate railings shall be provided [...]