Vision Towers & Platforms

Vision Towers & Platforms

Industrial Mezzanines

Industrial in-plant vision towers & platforms offer modular design and allow maximum use of limited floor space. Excellent for supervisory offices with a clear view of plant work areas. Standard designs use 100-psf floor load l/240 deflection. Stairs meet strict UBC, BOCA, and OSHA codes.

Clear, wide spans allow open space below for working areas. Designed to meet all seismic zones. Connections are bolt assembly, no welding required.

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Features & Benefits of Smart Space Vision Towers & Platforms

  • Provides excellent supervisory views.
  • Floor loads are 100-psf l/240 deflection.
  • Deck heights are 8 to 12 feet.
  • Frees valuable manufacturing areas underneath.
  • Maximizes the use of expensive floor space.
  • The fastest mezzanine installation.
  • The easiest mezzanine to move.
  • Designs for a wide range of sound control and fire ratings.
  • Professional installations nationwide.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.
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