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Smart Space Mezzanine has solutions for every problem in your warehouse.

Maximize your floor space by purchasing an Smart Space Mezzanine. With quick and easy assembly, this cost-effective steel mezzanine is prefabricated and offered in standard sizes.

Smart Space Mezzanines Systems and equipment platforms are in accordance with AISC specifications and designed by a professional engineer. Our Smart Mezzanines offer many options to your project such as floor decking, caged ladders, custom handrail and guardrail. Call one of our Smart Space Associates today!

Smart Space Mezzanines can be used for storage. Why build out when your warehouse has room to build up. This valuable vertical space can be utilized to store and organize your facility.

The cost to build up is a fraction of the cost of building out. Other savings include utilities, taxes and maintenance.

Custom sized pallet racking with specific heights and depths we are able to help provide you with the storage solutions needed to help keep your product organized while waiting to be shipped. Modular offices are great for warehousing to help house break rooms, shipping and receiving, as well as offices to allow your employees to have a quiet, comfortable environment to get work done efficiently.

Flow racks allow your warehouse workers ease and stability by moving heavy and bulky product from one location to another. These racks can come in various sizes provided by Lewco to help make your warehouse more manageable.

Cranes can be custom made to help with moving items in your warehouse that your workers can not lift otherwise. From jib cranes to bridge cranes, Smart Space has every solution to help have a custom crane provided and installed for maximum efficiency.

Made in the USA

    • Ships almost any where in the USA

    • Our large quantity stock of steel makes our mezzanines competitively priced and affordable

The SSM Advantage

    • Save cost and floor space by building up not out

    • Prefabricated for easy installation

    • Adding a mezzanine floor does not require outward expansion of your facilities

Unlimited Options


    • Floor Decking Options

    • Custom Finish Options

    • Custom Handrail and Infill options


Smart Space has been serving various refinery companies across the United States for the last 20 years.

From various construction elements to help a refinery be able to operate successfully and efficiently, Smart Space has the solutions.

Cross-Overs are crucial in the refinery industry by allowing workers and employees the ability to move from one side to another crossing a large obstruction. These cross-overs rise above certain objects such as large pipes, ditches, water-ways, concrete barriers, etc.

Ship Ladders help workers reach the top of large structures safely. Custom ladders that are OSHA approved allow employees to safely move up. With custom cages surrounding the ladders that can be made from aluminum, painted structural steel or galvanized structural steel.

Smart Space refinery projects include: valve access platforms, pipe supports, pipe and dyke crossovers, equipment support platforms, exterior stairs (hot dipped galvanized – HDG), exterior OSHA ladders and equipment control platforms.


Smart Space Mezzanines is a supplier to hundreds of contractors.

On a daily basis, we build stairs, ladders, mezzanines, handrails, gates and misc. metals for general contractors, roofing contractors, HVAC contractors and others. We fabricate to prints provided and we also build from Smart Space designs.


Industrial Mezzanines

On a daily basis, we build stairs, ladders, mezzanines, handrails, gates and misc. metals for the automotive industry.  Attached are photos of a long span production mezzanine. This mezzanine utilizes a vertical lift. We fabricate to prints provided and we also build from Smart Space designs.

Aerial Delivery Pallet Handling System

Service Industry

Smart Space Mezzanines does metal fabrication for the parcel service industry.

Attached is a photo showing conveyor supports, ships ladders, jam break platforms, maintenance work platforms and safety gates. The other photo is a parts storage mezzanine for an automotive service center.

Aerial Delivery Pallet Handling System
Conveyor System with Mezzanine – Charleston Air Force Base

A custom designed SmartSpace mezzanine was an integral part of a recent project for the US Air Force at their Charleston, SC base. The project included conveyors and reciprocating lifts as well as the mezzanine, to move aerial pallets (pallets with parachutes) through the build up process at floor level, and deliver them at the elevation of mechanical plane loaders. The mezzanine included a bar grating deck for mounting the conveyors, and three stairways with platforms. Smock Material Handling Company was the integrator of the system, and chose SmartSpace based on quality and cost criteria. The SmartSpace mezzanine, and the entire project received enthusiastic approval from the Air Force.

Churches and Schools

Smart Space Mezzanines does metal fabrication for churches and schools. Attached is a photo showing an IBC 2012 public access staircase with a self-supported landing.