Industrial Catwalks – Steel Catwalk Design

Industrial Catwalks Steel Catwalk Design

Industrial Mezzanines

Smart Space steel industrial catwalks can be built by Smart Space to meet your exact needs, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Our catwalks meet IBC, OSHA, BOCA and UBC Codes. Smart Space utilizes both structural beam or joist.

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Features & Benefits of Smart Space Industrial Catwalks – Steel Catwalk Design

  • Connect existing mezzanines to second floor offices.
  • Connect several machines for easier maintenance access.
  • Use catwalks to avoid heavy forklift or truck traffic.
  • Catwalks can be used in a conveyor crossover.
  • Decking and tread options include: bar grating, diamond plate, slip resistant coatings, and many other options.
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