Multi-Level Mezzanine Structures

Multi-Level Mezzanine Structures

Industrial Mezzanines

Multi-level mezzanine structures are built for several purposes. The main use of the structure pictured is for a machinery supported mezzanine. The secondary purpose is for machinery access during maintenance. At the upper lever is a pulpit room. This is a good example of how to use vertical space.

This Smart Space Structure was designed by our P.E. It was built to handle heavy point loads. The steel mezzanine floor is a series HWC heavy weld bar grating. The stair treads are open bar grating with type C abrasive nosing.

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Features & Benefits of Smart Space Hi-Level & Multi-Level Mezzanine Structures

  • Provides excellent supervisory views.
  • Designs available for a wide range of sound control.
  • Green design: the structure pictured on this page was manufactured to minimize waste. Recycled material was used to save resources.
  • By utilizing existing space this design is saving this company money for years to come.
  • Structural steel mezzanine, structural steel stairs, OSHA handrail system, safety gates, mezzanine flooring system, prefabricated pulpit room were all incorporated.
  • Fire retardant designs up to one-hour ratings are available.
  • Structure was designed with intentions of future expansion.
  • All systems are insulated for energy efficiency.
  • Faster, easier and more convenient than conventional construction.
  • Professional installations nationwide.
  • Take advantage of the cost savings of building up rather than out.
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