Industrial and Commercial Mezzanines.

Industrial warehouse

Thinking Vertically: How To Make The Most of Your Industrial Warehouse Space

Did you know that almost 40% of companies don’t track their inventory items? This means that their warehouses can be full of unused products, taking up space and making the company lose a lot of money in the long run. Ideally, you wouldn’t make the same mistake, whether you have a commercial or industrial warehouse. Organizing the space inside your warehouse and using high-quality tools such as loading dock ramps and forklifts will only make life easier for you when [...]


Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division

Smart Space Mezzanine – Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division. Keihin, an automotive systems management company reached out to Smart Space Mezzanine with concern for growing more space in their Capac, Michigan facility. When companies run out of ground floor space, they get smart and move their business upwards. The versatility and ease of mezzanines are great ways to provide your company with more room to grow. Keihin’s required a 60’ x 90’ mezzanine to help with their space issues. Smart Space [...]


Clear Span Structural Steel Mezzanine

Tiger Material Handling, Inc. recently purchased a clear span structural steel mezzanine from Smart Space Mezzanine. The 25’ clear span was achieved by using bar joists and structural I-beams. Due to the heavy loads foundations were necessary. Service Spring elected to go with hidden base plates. The concrete footer is set 6” below the finished floor. The baseplates were anchored below grade and poured over. The benefit to this design is eliminating trip hazards. The structural steel stairs have diamond plate [...]


IAC Huron

A custom designed Smart Space Mezzanine was an integral part of a recent project for the IAC Huron, Ohio Manufacturing Facility. The project included a mezzanine extension off an existing mezzanine, structural handrail and a lift out gate. All of the railing is construction from 1-1/2″ schedule 40 and 80 pipe with 1/4″x4″ toe guard. Smart Space then enclosed the entire finished structure with wire partition below. With man doors and slide gates all having keyed locks. It allowed IAC to [...]


BP Oregon-Ohio Refining Facility

A custom designed Smart Space Mezzanine and Structure was an integral part of a recent project for the BP Oregon, Ohio Refining Facility. The project included a mezzanine with two IBC metal stairs, structural handrail and a lift out gate. The mezzanine is constructed from 18K6 bar joist.   The joisted are welded to bearing plates and supported by masonry walls.   The deck is  4″ thick concrete poured on a 0.6C22 metal deck manufactured by Vulcraft Group -Nucor Steel. All of the railing on this [...]


Designetics Production Storage

Smart Space recently sold a mezzanine utilized for production storage. Designetics’ had to make a choice to either do a building expansion or to utilize existing floor space. They chose to build up with a Smart Space Mezzanine. This mezzanine is a freestanding structure that fits tightly against the plants exterior wall and around the plant’s building columns. The deck cantilevered to the block wall in order to avoid electrical and air lines. The stairs on this project are an OSHA steel [...]


Air Force Base

Aerial Delivery Pallet Handling System Conveyor System with Mezzanine – Charleston Air Force Base A custom designed Space Mezzannines and Structures was an integral part of a recent project for the US Air Force at their Charleston, SC base. The project included conveyors and reciprocating lifts as well as the mezzanine, to move aerial pallets (pallets with parachutes) through the build up process at floor level, and deliver them at the elevation of mechanical plane loaders. The mezzanine included a bar grating deck for mounting [...]


Custom Structural Steel Mezzanine

Smart space recently designed and built a custom structural steel mezzanine for a specialty metal company. Niagara Specialty Metals was out of room in their current plant. They either needed to do a plant expansion or be more creative with the existing space. Omni Industrial was called in to figure out how to utilize the current space better. Omni and Smart Space created a proposal for mezzanines, handrail and steel stairs. The decision was to install two mezzanines that [...]