Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division

Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division

Smart Space Mezzanine – Keihin Automotive Manufacturing, Michigan Division.

Keihin, an automotive systems management company reached out to Smart Space Mezzanine with concern for growing more space in their Capac, Michigan facility. When companies run out of ground floor space, they get smart and move their business upwards. The versatility and ease of mezzanines are great ways to provide your company with more room to grow.

Keihin’s required a 60’ x 90’ mezzanine to help with their space issues. Smart Space Mezzanine drew up the mezzanine which A&A Engineering approved for construction. Fabricated in Clay Center, Ohio the mezzanine was shipped to Keihin’s Michigan facility in Capac, Michigan where assembly began on June 30.

All steel joists were provided by Nucor Steel taking the mezzanines structural integrity to its highest ability, which is needed for the concrete pan deck being poured on top. Handrail up top is steel that will be lined with plexiglass provided by AIN plastics with an IBC 2012 approved staircase leading up to it.

Beech Design and Manufacturing constructed and shipped a freight elevator to be installed to help provide lifting power to move heavy items to the mezzanine deck for use and storage.

The next step for Smart Space Mezzanine is to place the steel b-decking up top where the concrete floor will be poured and installed. This will allow a structurally sound floor where many different projects and take place such as installing offices, product racks for storage and machinery to provide a more versatile workspace.

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