IBC – Public Access Handrail System

IBC – Public Access Handrail System

Smart Space Mezzanines and Structures recently upgraded a local church’s stair handrail system.  As you can see from the original photo the rail isn’t high enough and doesn’t appear that it could withstand a 200lb concentrated load.
The stairs and landings rail was replaced with what you see in the three new photos.  This rail was built to the most recent code, International Building Code (IBC) 2012; a few points in the code are:
• Pickets and intermediate railings shall be provided such that a 4-inch diameter sphere cannot pass through any opening up to a height of 34 inches. From a height of 34 inches to 42 inches above the adjacent walking surface, a sphere 8 inches in diameter shall not pass. The triangular openings formed by the riser, tread and bottom rail at the open side of a stairway shall be of a maximum size such that a sphere of 6 inches in diameter cannot pass through the opening.
• Guardrails and Handrails shall be designed to withstand a 200lb concentrated load applied in any direction and at any point on the top rail. Guardrails and Handrails shall also be designed to withstand a uniform load of 50 lb/ft applied horizontally to the top rail. Uniform loads are not to be applied simultaneously with the concentrated loads.
The end user is:
Concordia Lutheran Church
3636 South Detroit Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614
Project Engineering and Management:
Industrial Tool Service
6818 Wales Rd.
Northwood, OH 43619


Installation Gallery:


For more information on this project please contact:

Mike Pietrowski
Smart Space Mezzanine
P 888-855-3433
F 419-855-4312

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