Custom Structural Steel Mezzanine

Custom Structural Steel Mezzanine


Smart space recently designed and built a custom structural steel mezzanine for a specialty metal company. Niagara Specialty Metals was out of room in their current plant. They either needed to do a plant expansion or be more creative with the existing space. Omni Industrial was called in to figure out how to utilize the current space better. Omni and Smart Space created a proposal for mezzanines, handrail and steel stairs. The decision was to install two mezzanines that would create 950 SF of new floor space.

The agent that sold this project is:
Bob Muraco
Omni Industrial Sales

The end user is:
Niagara Specialty Metals, Inc.

The features of this mezzanine are:
• Custom column centers
• Custom cantilevered deck
• OSHA standard design
• Removable/modular handrail fittings by Hollaender Manufacturing
• Handrail is side mounted to maximize floor space
• Structural steel columns and framing
• Metal roof deck with T&G plywood deck
• Diamond plate treads with closed risers
For More Information Contact:Smart Space Mezzannines and Structures
Toledo, Ohio 419-855-3476
Toll Free 888-855-3433

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