BP Oregon-Ohio Refining Facility

BP Oregon-Ohio Refining Facility


A custom designed Smart Space Mezzanine and Structure was an integral part of a recent project for the BP Oregon, Ohio Refining Facility. The project included a mezzanine with two IBC metal stairs, structural handrail and a lift out gate.
The mezzanine is constructed from 18K6 bar joist.   The joisted are welded to bearing plates and supported by masonry walls.   The deck is  4″ thick concrete poured on a 0.6C22 metal deck manufactured by Vulcraft Group -Nucor Steel.

All of the railing on this project is lift out.  The railing is construction from 1-1/2″ schedule 40 and 80 pipe with 1/4″x4″ toe guard.

The stairs are built into the office walls.  The treads are diamond plate with closed risers.  The code the stairs are built to is IBC 2009.

The purpose of this project was to move BP employees out of the blast zone. The mezzanine’s purposes are to support the HVAC unit, store records, support office utilities (Lighting, HVAC, Sprinklers, Phone,  and Data). BP realized the importance of utilizing every cubic inch of space.


Project General Contractor:
A.A. Boos & Sons, Inc.
General Contractors
2015 Pickle Road
Oregon, Ohio 43616End user, location and project name:
BP Oil Products North America, Inc.
4001 Cedar Point Road
P.O. Box 696 – Toledo
Oregon, OH 43616
BP – E & I Shop Renovation


For More Information Contact:
Smart Space Mezzannines and Structures
Toledo, Ohio 419-855-3476
Toll Free 888-855-3433


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